This morning there are numerous prizes available to win going on around the world for those who are keen to earn money. A simple search in your preferred search engine for “competition” will bring up a host of websites that are dedicated to hosting these and ensuring that they happen regularly enough to be worth your while. You can normally enter them via email, phone, text or online payment means. If you’re entering via the This Morning App on an Apple (iOS) device then you’ll also have the choice to opt to pay with Apple Pay. If you’re on an Android device then you’ll have the choice to pay with Google Pay.

There are various kinds of prizes that you can win through these morning draws. The cash prize is the most common type of promotion. Others can be gadgets, accessories, furniture and so on. You could also get free air travel to somewhere special via a draw. Of course, the more complex the requirements the greater your chances of winning something really big.

Some of these competitions are a one off affair and you’ll never again have a chance to win anything. Other ones are a bit longer term and you’ll be entered into a set number of drawings. At the end of the draw you have the opportunity to either choose a prize or be sent to the website to make your payment. The odds of winning these alternative cash prizes are fairly good relative to the main promotion. That’s because there are so many other people running these same comps on a daily basis.

Free entry means that you don’t need to put in any money to join or participate in the game. Some award either cash or free entries. With the amount of people who enter and the number of free gifts they will receive, the probability of one person winning is pretty high. If they did win something, they wouldn’t of course share it with everyone who entered. As for the free postal entry prize draws, if you live in the UK you can claim your entries free of charge by doing a small amount of research online.

You can find many exciting ways to enter competitions online for This Morning prizes through a simple internet search. Just type the show into your favourite search engine. Most of these websites will list all the details of the current or past week’s edition of these events. This information will give you an idea of the type of things you can get lucky with. It’s worth taking a look at these listings to find the exact give-aways being awarded each week.

Winner announcements for some of these contests run alongside this morning news stories. They tell you how the competition has been run, what sort of prizes are available, and whether you can qualify to receive anything. Some of these involve particular themes which have been used in the past. Other times there are more general contests with winnings coming from a mixture of different categories. No matter what you’re after, you should be able to find something suitable for you.

To keep you going, make sure you check out the archive of past draws. You can always get an idea of what you like without actually having won any of them. Sometimes it’s possible to purchase small items for example, but if you don’t have this in your home you could end up borrowing it from someone you know. That’s only a couple of pounds in most cases. That’s small money when you compare it to paying for something like a bed for a teenager. However, it’s a lot better than not having anything at all.

As well as searching for this morning newspapers and online sweepstakes you can also watch highlights of other contests. This way you can see what kind of things other people are getting up to. See if they’ve won anything on this morning and then think about how you could try and enter. There are always a number of ways to improve your chances of success and the more time you invest in looking at what other people are doing the better you will be.