For the past several months, I have been interested in reading an Apple Pay article. In fact, it has become one of my go to sources of information in regards to this exciting mobile payment service that is being implemented by the company. However, I am not entirely positive that this is a positive thing. I would like to know what everyone is saying, and I also would like to determine whether or not it is something that would benefit me or anyone else for that matter. My intention is not to draw any conclusion, only to present some data that might be useful for you.

mobile payments

To begin, I do believe that it is great that people are starting to use Apple Pay. In fact, I personally would love to have this technology as well. I don’t like carrying around extra cash for purchases that I might make. I would like to be able to purchase items from the store or website, and then pay using my credit card without having to carry around extra cash.

Now that I have that aside, I would like to discuss how Apple Pay would benefit me and my business. I have several accounts at different grocery stores, and it would be convenient for me to be able to swipe my debit card right at the checkout line. Plus, I already use these cards on a regular basis when purchasing items at the supermarket. If they were able to offer Apple Pay, I would be able to cash in these account discounts for a percentage of the total price of the item. It would definitely make life easier!

This brings me to my second point. If I use my credit cards to pay for goods that I purchase from my business, I will receive a couple of notifications in my email. From these notifications, I will be able to see which payments would result in discount offers. I can then choose which payments to accept and which ones I will decline. This eliminates the need to carry around cash, and it also eliminates the need to carry around a lot of money.

Finally, I would be able to use my debit card as often as I would like. For example, if I run out of money during the day, I would simply use my card to make my purchases. As long as I don’t overspend, I won’t incur any interest charges on my purchases. I don’t think that you will be able to pay with your debit card every time you want to purchase something; however, it is convenient to have access to that option. If I am short of money at any given moment, I can’t spend it using cash, so I will most likely want to cash out all of my purchases using Apple Pay. That way, I only need a small amount of cash to open up an account at one or two retail locations.

In conclusion, it seems as though Apple Pay would simplify a lot of things for me and my business. The customers that I serve won’t have to worry about using cash, and I will no longer have to carry around large amounts of cash. There will be no more notifications from Apple alerting me that the balance in my checking account is low, and reminding me that I need to make deposits. My monthly bills will also be delivered directly to my email account, eliminating the need to print them out and then fill them out in order to send them to the appropriate place. The convenience, flexibility, and security are all excellent reasons to start using Apple Pay.